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The unique marketing technologies of the LPgenerator platform allow you to create landing pages that sell and have a unique design without using web design, layout, and programming.

Use our gallery with more than 250 layouts of landing pages of various categories for web, social and mobile traffic to set the process of acquiring customers right now. A ready-to-use landing page is your key to success.

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Themed and schematic landing pages templates

Designer-themed landing page templates will allow you to quickly pick up a bright design to match any offer or promotion. Choose a ready-made landing page from the given categories, adjust any settings in the visual LPgenerator editor, and issue a successful lead generation campaign in a few minutes.

Basic or schematic landing pages layouts are made in a unified minimalistic style and embody the most popular elements page layout. Due to its versatility, schematic landing page templates will fit any offer.

Mobile traffic landing pages templates

Mobile landing pages are designed particularly for effective mobile traffic conversion.

The market for native and media ads in the mobile segment is still not very competitive, which means it is very profitable. The cost of attracting a lead or a targeted call is much cheaper than on the 'big' Web. Ready-made landing page templates will speed up the sales process at times.

Adjust a redirect option in a few clicks of the main landing page and turn mobile traffic into leads or receive direct calls from landing pages (Click To Call).

Custom page design

In case the framework of your marketing strategy suggests so, you need a unique and incomparable landing page layout, a mini-website, or a conversion route - our experts are at your service.

On average, the LPgenerator team carries out more than 60 projects per month. In 2014, more than 1,180 unique solutions were completed. Some of the works are in the gallery above. Designer landing pages are made for conversion, not for vanity!

High-conversion landing page store

The easiest way to get a professional landing page template and approach your first customers is to buy a turnkey solution in the LPgenerator Design landing page store!

Over 135 niche landing templates are available here. Purchase a landing page at the most convenient price and start getting customers today.

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