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Support, Marketing, Digital, Call Center
249030 Kaluga region, Obninsk,
20A Gagarina str, 3rd floor,
312, 313, 305 rooms

with more than 100 employees working in the following departments:

RnD department
115280 Moscow, 26 Leninskaya
sloboda str, 5th floor, 501 room,
Omega-2 Business Center

LPgenerator is one of the top internet companies in Runet

We speak Russian and Hebrew

Search engines of Runet:

Growing Rate of Russian
Internet Users:

The highest level of
internet access was
registered in Moscow
(81% of people above 16)
In big cities, this index
was 71%, in small towns
and villages — 62%.

Are you still in doubt about the Russian market?

Test your 
business idea

Marketing Cloud

Who We Are

We are a group of professionals from the leading internet marketing companies - LPgenerator has partnered
with Angora Media Group to bring you top marketing solutions.

Archi Kabalkin
and CEO LPgenerator

Denis Kabalkin
and CTO of LPgenerator

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We speak Russian and Hebrew

You will get all the required marketing information to make
a good business decision

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    Final assessment
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  • Marketing Team
    Marketing Strategy
    Marketing Research
    Competitive Online Analysis
    Search Volumes
    Profitable Keyword

Marketing Strategy

Final Market Assessment Report





Call Center and Sales Services

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Marketing Team

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Lead Qualification

User Survey

4 Essential Facts About the Russian Market

Runet is a Russian
- language community

on the Internet, which
includes Russia,
Ukraine, Belarus,
Moldova, Kazakhstan
and Armenia

The Runet audience
80 000 000 users,
60 000 000 of whom
are online every day

By the end of 2014,
67,5% of the Russian
population above 16
got access to the

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Thank you for
choosing LPgenerator
marketing cloud,
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Tel. 8-800-775-45-08

We speak Russian and Hebrew

Our company shares TOP 10 largest cloud-based platforms of Runet.
We know the Russian market and have numerous strategic contacts 

Israel, Tel Aviv, Yigal Alon 127st,
Angora Media LTD

The prize winner
of GSEA 2014

on the Russian Market
with a trusted partner

We speak Russian and Hebrew

LPgenerator Marketing Cloud Department

is the easiest way to test your ideas or business on the Russian-speaking market
without wasting time or hiring people from other countries

“Digital Communications AWARDS’2014”
prize winner in “Corporate blog” nomination

Startup №1 in SKOLKOVO
Academy 2014


landing pages
/ day

532 723
total landing

Final market
assessment report

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landing pages

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To test your idea or actual
business model

To build a marketing

Angora Media Group operates several companies: Servula - the biggest content writing company in Israel,
Alpinist 301 - digital marketing agency for corporates and enterprises, Next Case - annual conference and AskPavel -
popular digital marketing blog

LPgenerator - lead generation marketing software and advanced conversion
rate optimization tools for marketers and entrepreneurs since 2011 and today
presents the well-known and recognized brand in Runet web area

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CMO LPgenerator

Pavel Israelsky
Angora Media Group